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Glitter Kiss is a graphic novel about teenage girl Tinka.  After a secret fling falls apart she seeks out a fortune teller and winds up accidentally working some magic on the boys who wronged her.  Like turning them into girls.

Glitter Kiss is a really fun book that is a fun take on the body swap story.  A guy in a woman’s body is always an interesting story if it’s done right, as it is here.  It’s gives an excellent idea of the shit teenage girls go thorough on a daily basis from their interactions with the opposite sex to their interactions with family and each other.

The art done by Monica Gallagher is really pretty terrific as well. You could tell she really saw the same vision as Ambrose, who wrote the story.

I really liked the feminist message that the overall story has, but it also contains a love story in it.  So you’ve really got something for everyone.  A positive message plus a little romance.

Glitter Kiss skews towards a female teenage audience but don’t let that dissuade you from picking it up.  I’m a 29 year old man and I enjoyed it greatly.

It’s available from the wonderful Oni Press starting today.  I recommend picking up a copy.