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Yell At Me From Your Car is the debut solo EP from actress/comedian/singer Riki Lindhome, half of site favorites Garfunkel & Oates.  Riki’s done a lot of great stuff in her career.  I love a lot of her acting roles, and she has a new podcast on Nerdist called “Making It with Riki Lindhome” where people who have “made it” tell how it’s happened to them for aspiring actors, writers, comedians, etc. But I can’t help but love the incredible stuff she’s done with Kate Miccuci in Garfunkel & Oates (hopefully coming to HBO soon).

Yell At Me From Your Car is made of of 5 tracks, some of which if you’ve visited her website or follow her on twitter you may have heard in a rough form before.  But here they are all fleshed out and ready for your ear holes.

Beige Curtains is the first track and will give you a good idea of the overall album.  It’s a simple song with acoustic guitar and Riki singing.  It’s slow, but not what you’d classify as a “slow song”.  It’s catchy and then you take a listen to the lyrics.  This is where you get hit by the razor sharp wit that fills that album.  At once sad and funny, this is Riki telling an ex boyfriend that she has no love lost for the new girlfriend who has nothing special about her.

Accidental Slut is a song that I think lots of single people in their late 20′s and early 30′s can empathize.  It’s about looking around at a party and realizing that you’ve slept with a lot of the people there.  But you really tried to date them and things just didn’t work out.  This one is also really bittersweet, there’s a sadness under the comedy.  Also a real truthfulness that’s refreshing.

Self Esteem is more upbeat, and it’s also one of the more straight forward comedy songs on the album.  This one isn’t sad, it’s more a “fuck you” song sang to an asshole who just tries to sleep with every girl he knows.  You’ll definitely be rolling around laughing to this one.

Pretty in Buffalo is my favorite track on Yell At Me From Your Car.  It’s about how Hollywood has these ridiculous unreal expectations of what beauty is.  Lindhome talks about how back home in Buffalo she’s hot and guys would love to get with her.  Although really she’s hot anywhere.  Have you seen her?  She’s pretty great looking.  There’s a really wonderful self esteem message here.  It’s also super funny.

Just Because You’re Not is a serious song.  In it Lindhome analyzes why she’s not with a man who she thinks would be perfect.  It’s sad and slow and still keeps the wit up.  It’s not sappy, but it is sad and although short, it really portrays a lot of emotion really quickly.

This album is just great.  The music is catchy and the lyrics are almost like raps that aren’t rapped.  It’s smart comedy for everyone.  Garfunkel & Oates fans will love this and if you haven’t checked out Riki or G&O go do it right now.

Yell At Me From Your Car - EP - Riki Lindhome