"Songs for a Traveler" album cover


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Songs For A Traveler is the latest release from The Looking (aka Todd Carter).  In it the operatic (he’s performed opera at places like Carnegie Hall) Carter is joined by a full band to explore songs from across the American landscape.  This includes several older covers like “Long Black Veil”.

The album starts off with the very relaxed track “All The Pretty Little Horses”, which is a nice track, with some nice guitar work.  “900 Miles” is more of a bluesy song about a man trying to get back to his woman.  “River In The Pines” keeps up more of the same as the previous tracks but is a little more up tempo.  It also features a great duet with a female vocalist.  I really got into this song.  Whereas earlier I was reminded more of a Silversun Pickups earlier, now I’m getting a bit of a latter-days Cardigans vibe (this in my book is high praise). Yeah I know it’s actually a Joan Baez song. “Black is the Color of my True Love’s Hair” is next up.  You hear a lot of the opera come out of Carter in the early verses of the song and it’s pretty great.  The guitars screeching into a beautiful soundscape to surround you and accentuate the lyrics perfectly.

I really probably could go through this track by track and give you an idea of each track, but I am way behind on some stuff, so unfortunately I don’t really have the time.  So we’ll talk about some other highlights of the album.

“Ol’ Man River” is a song that everyone’s heard a billion times, but it’s reinvented into a sort of dark march here, really taking the lyrics of the song and making them very dark. “Wayfaring Stranger” veers into folk territory more full on than other tracks with some fiddle to kick it off, followed by a rather upbeat for this album track.  “Blue River” is a standout track for the drumming, but I didn’t love it as much as the rest of the album.

I really need to mention that I enjoyed listening to Songs for a Traveler a lot.  And not just because I enjoyed the music.  I thought it was produced really well, especially for an independent release.  It’s got wonderful mixing and mastering and every single instrument seems like some time went into it.  It just blends together incredibly well.

I genuinely really enjoyed Songs for a Traveler and recommend picking up a copy for yourself as soon as possible.  You can pick it up using the links below:

And be sure to visit The Looking’s website.