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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Review

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Cover


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a book by the late Swedish writer Steig Larsson.  It is the story of a financial journalist who winds up in a career freefall and is offered the job of looking into the case of a missing girl that is over 30 years old, during the course of the case he meets a strange but alluring girl and the two wind up partnering to solve what is more than either originally expected.


I read this because I kept seeing it everywhere.  It seemed like every time I walked into a book store it was pretty prominent, I’d see people reading it, I’d see things on the web.  But the plot description seemed so boring to me.  A Swedish book about financial journalism?  That sounds like it’s made to make me fall asleep.  Anyway I decided finally to take a risk.  I mean the worst that happened was my suspicions about it being boring were confirmed and I could stop reading.  I didn’t stop.


First I should make it clear I read the english translation by Reg Keeland so I’m really kind of reviewing that.  I cannot compare it to the original because I do not speak any swedish, unless Ikea is a swedish word.  But it didn’t seem stilted or foreign, it seemed very much like it could have been written in english.  So I had no problems with the translation.


This book is extraordinarily written.  It’s really about violence towards women and is a new take on the sort of locked in a room murder mystery genre.  It’s incredibly intriguing.  The prologue will really get your attention but from there it will get slow.  But it’s a sort of deliberate slow burn that’s punctuated by moments of extremely horrifying stuff that makes those scenes so much more horrifying.  Then there’s a central mystery that really is a mystery.  It’s not one of those things where you guess the conclusion right off the bat.  Then there’s the characters themselves.  All very well written, especially the titular character.


This is actually the first book of a trilogy and I’m planning on starting the next one soon.  There’s also already a Swedish movie based on it and an American movie is being made right now.


I highly suggest you read this.  It’s available on Amazon:


And also Audible:



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